The Symptoms and Testing Of the Toxic Black Mold


The mold problem in a house can be disastrous and very expensive to control. The most particularly dangerous mold is the black mold. The black mold can cause a lot of health problems. One needs to understand the signs of the black mold to eliminate it at the earliest possible time. The toxic black mold releases spores as it feeds. Mostly it feeds on organic material found in walls, clothing, and floors that have soaked in moisture. These spores if breathed in can cause some undesired symptoms in humans. Symptoms in humans such as eye irritation, sneezing and prolonged coughing, headaches that last for long, mucus in the throat and nostrils and chronic fatigue are common in humans who have a mold infection.

Prolonged exposure to the black mold spores is more disastrous. People may develop allergic reactions to the black mold spores. A person that has been exposed for long may experience nausea, severe vomiting, internal bleeding of the lungs and nose bleeding.

Eradicating the black mold can be very expensive. Treatment of the ailments resulting from the black mold exposure is also costly. This is because some of the health problems are severe and may require specialized treatment. Understanding the black mold symptoms helps one protect their health well in advance.

Air quality testing melbourne can be done in areas that are highly humid such as the bathrooms and the kitchen. This is because the first requirement for mold to grow is a water source. This means possible areas to find molds are the wet ones.

Sight and smell can be used to detect the presence of the toxic black mold. They tend to have a strong smell and can be seen clearly because of its conspicuous black color. When one has an insight into the presence of molds in the room, they need to do testing in either of the following ways.

Professional testing. Companies that conduct mold tests will take samples of air, and some of the molds stuck at their point of growth. They will do the tests and find out the type of mold and recommend the next step take. Read to learn more about biological testing.

Do it yourself testing. With this, you purchase the mold testing kit from a store at . One will take the are samples and the areas the mold sits on and send it for testing. The test results will be sent back with recommendations on how to eradicate the mold